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Twisted Bead Necklace

A simple clasp, a variety of applications, this is the Multi Strand Clasp. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, use it for an array of interchangeable applications. This Multi Strand Clasp is actually the traditional pearl shortener clasp put to a new use. Of course, you could always use it to shorten pearls also, but look what else you can do:

These designs show the use of the clasp coupled with a variety of seed beads and other small beads.

How to do it:

  • String your choice of beads in continuous strands on a non-stretchy material such as Nymo or something similar. We use Hastings Bonded Bead Cord because it doesn't stretch.  If you use Nymo, you will need to pre-stretch it before stringing.  Your start by stringing 36" of beads. Make sure the strands of beads are EXACTLY 36" long (longer lengths can be used, as desired, it's most important that the finished length is the same for each.) Having a yardstick handy is helpful. Make as many or as few strands as you like. Our necklaces were strung exactly 36" long, then the ends were tied together to make the "continuous" strand & finished with a surgeon's knot. We carefully applied a dab of GS Hypo cement to the knot ~ avoiding the beads ~ for extra security & let the glue dry before trimming the ends of the stringing material
  • Hang all continuous strands over your hand and slip one "loop" on to the Multi Strand Clasp, leaving the clasp open.
  • Twist as little or as much as you like, keeping the other end "loop" of the continuous strands together.
  • Put the necklace around your neck, slip on the other end of the strands and close the latch.

A picture of how to assemble the interchangeable necklace is available on request.

For a link to our collection of multi-strand clasps suitable for this application, see the listings below.